David Johnson Cane Bay is working to help business owners in their pursuit of protecting their bottom line and improving their day-to-day operations. David Johnson, one of Cane Bay’s partners, has been working for many years to educate himself so he can then educate others. With this information, individuals will better understand the journey David has gone through on his way to becoming a partner at Cane Bay.

It All Begins With Education

Ask anyone involved in the business world and they will say a solid education is of paramount importance when it comes to being prepared for the duties that are required in a variety of positions. David Johnson Cane Bay believes the same and made sure he received a solid education before he ventured further into the business world.

David Johnson got his start by receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, along with a Management Information Systems degree. Both of these have proven invaluable in giving him the knowledge he needed to launch into the financial industry and help companies rise above the obstacles that prevent them from staying in the green and being prosperous.

In addition to the two above degrees, Mr. Johnson also earned his Masters of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University’s J Mack Robinson College of Business.

David Johnson Steps Into the Business Arena

David’s Johson’s long career in the financial business sector has had him working with many major companies across the globe. Those who know David realize he has a humble personality, even though he has been involved with top companies and offered his knowledge to help them succeed. The following are some of the positions he has held over the years.

Vice President of Client Services at TransDotCom Solutions LLC
Vice President of the Mansell Group
Director of Human Resources and Facilities at Neovest
Director of Operations at Intellimedia Commerce
Business Manager at United Healthcare
Regional Project Administrator at Earth Tech

It is easy to see from his array of positions that David Johnson is a natural leader in the business world and can be relied upon to help companies improve the way they operate. Today, David Johnson is a partner at Cane Bay and he continues to strive to help companies realize their potential in all they do.

Those who would like to learn more about David Johnson and his work should visit the website today. For answers to your questions, call the office right away.

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